Thursday, January 14, 2016

Living among the animals

Animals are a vital part of human existence. We would starve without them, for one thing.  This significance is expressed in our vocabulary.  Children learn animal names very early, even today when the animals around us are not very threatening.  Accordingly, animal homes are also part of human lexicon.

First, animals live in our house or immediately around it.  However, if a married man goes to a cat house, a brothel, he might end up in the dog house, i.e. sleeping alone on the sofa. The reason for this behavior in the first place is they many men find marriage a gilded cage, very nice on the outside but quite restrictive in practice.

Second, farm animals have their place of residence, close to our heart. A pig’s sty is a messy place as are the rooms of many people.  Others feel cooped up in their room, like the chickens.  If you are part of a stable, you have value but not exclusive. Still, that is better than being put out to pasture, no longer needed due to age.

On the wild side, old wooden ships had crow’s nests high on the main beam to serve as lookout points. If you have a nest egg, you were financially protected for the future.  Of course, you had to avoid entering a lion’s den, which is filled with dangerous people. All in all, nothing is safer than being in your own lair, without the foxes of course.

Your home may be your castle, but your pet’s home definitely isn’t.  

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