Monday, January 6, 2014

Alphabet Soup

Learning languages sometimes involves learning different languages or, for languages using the same letters, different names.  For example, the letter e is said differently in English and French.  In further consideration of the matter, another interesting fact of letter names is that the same sound often has a meeting of its own, whether or not spelled in the same manner.  Of the twenty six letters in English, eighteen of the sounds are also words.  I identify the following as words in the dictionary:

A – Aye, I have a dollar.
B – A bee can be very busy.
C – I see your bet and raise you five dollars
G- Gee I am sorry for spilling your drink.
I – I use my eye to see.
J – The jay is a beautiful bird.
L – When in Chicago, you can take the el.
M – The em is a type of dash as compared to the
N –the en, the difference between them almost nobody knows.
O- Oh, I forgot my keys.
P-Beer makes me have to pee.
Q- Standing in queue is not my favorite activity
R- You are what you are.
(S) – Yiddish – Esse mein kindt – eat, my child)
T- Before going to the tee, we’ll have some tea.
U- You know about this one.
X-With the popularity of divorce, there are many exes out there.
Y- I don’t know why that is true.

The neglected letters are d, e, f, h, s, v, w, and z.
In a more polyglot vein, the Hebrew alphabet also has it sense – able side:

Bet – as in stupid in French, bēte
Hey – as Hey kid, wake up!
Vav – a hook in Hebrew because of the shape of the letter
Zi’in – the male sexual organ in Hebrew
Het – a sin in Hebrew
Tet – A head (anatomical) in French, tēte, as well as a famous Vietnamese month
Kaf – As in put your hand over your mouth when you cough
Mem – the same, mēme, in French
Nun – as in that famous western, High Noon
Ayin – an eye in Hebrew
Peh – mouth in Hebrew
Tzadik – a righteous one in Hebrew
Shin – as in don’t kick me in the shin
Sin – as in a Jew eating a ham and cheese sandwich on Yom Kippur

Next time, I’ll get back to words.
If you have any additions or comments, feel free to make them.

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