Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ultimate justice

I am a great believer in ultimate justice. It is sometimes the only ray of light in a depressing situation. I insist on being sure that those who consciously do ill to others will eventually pay the price in some manner. In my case, it is not any belief in the justice of some god but instead much closer to the concept of karma, i.e.  what goes around comes around.

This ultimate justice can be in both the personal and political spheres. I had a relative, who shall remain anonymous out of respect to his offspring, who created by acts of omission and commission great pain to the closest people in his family. I agree with my mother that it is right that he had a long, painful life if only on the basis of his choice to run away from responsibility. I have seen nasty bosses been unfairly treated by their bosses, showing that two unfairs make one fair. In politics, Stalin, Hitler and Mao are remembered by most people as murderous tyrants, not as the visionary leaders they supposedly strove to be.

I recognized that ultimate justice has a fundamental fault. Like all justice systems, it is notoriously slow, taking years or even decades to happen. In the meantime, hundreds, thousands or even millions suffer. Also, there is an intrinsic dichotomy between the suffering caused to others and that experienced by the evildoer. Still, the faith that some kind of justice will eventually be given is a candle in the dark. Today, as I see too many similarities between the Tolkien landscape in the middle of the third book and the current international policies situation dominated by Putin, Trump and Erdogan, to name just a few, I strongly hold on to my main hope: they too shall pay.

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