Friday, October 14, 2011

What I like about America

I recently realized that I am an “expatriate.”  That means that I have lived abroad, in Israel, for almost as many years as I lived in the United States.  That is nothing compared to my mother, who has lived in the U.S. twice as many years as she lived in France.  Still, as an expatriate who occasionally visits the motherland or the fatherland, as a Russian or German would say, I have the right and ability to appreciate many good things about the United States of America.
1.       The United States is one of the few countries in the world in which going to the post office and bank takes only 30 minutes.
2.      The level of service received is not a coefficient of the salary level of the worker.
3.      People do not feel entitled to punish the salesperson or secretary for the fact that they had a fight with their spouse, child, or cat.
4.      America is a place where everyday driving, except on Sunday, is not a battleground.
5.      Most people expect to work and make adjustments for life’s unpleasant surprises.  They don’t expect the government to do it for them.
6.      Two day weekends are fantastic! 
7.      It doesn’t make a difference how old you are or how new you are to a city.   You can still make new friends.
8.      Almost everybody has an accent (at least in California).  Variety is the spice of life.
9.      American food is world food: granted in enormous quantities, but there is everything.
10.   Americans try to be nice to each other at least in public.  That makes life so more pleasant!

I know that that the flip side also exists.  There are many problems in the United States.  However, as an expatriate, I can take the good and ignore the bad. 

I would be interested in hearing any comments or additions to this list.

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